100 Years of Suffrage

The 6th February 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of two voting landmarks. All men, regardless of property qualifications could vote in national elections. Some women were also granted the suffrage. While younger and less wealthy women had to wait another ten years for equality, this was undoubtedly an important moment.

History teachers up and down the country have been seizing the chance to get students talking about ‘history in the news’. There are many wonderful resources being shared and the Historical Association is joining in. Always available to members and now free to everyone for a limted amount of time, you will find podcasts, visual sources and a classic pamphlet here: Free resources for a limited time!  One History Department we know of has all students working in form time to research and write a paragraph about an inspiring woman from the past. Each student has to write about who the woman was and why they find her inspiring for a big school foyer display. A great way to get everyone thinking about the past! There are so many wonderful ideas out there. Please do share them via @histassoc or by linking to the Historical Association’s Facebook page.

Why not join the HA and have access to great material to inform your teaching anytime and anywhere? See www.history.org.uk and follow @histassoc for more information.

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