Free ‘Rolls Royce’ HA CPD with Michael Riley – what’s not to love?!

There’s still time to apply for the HA’s latest Teaching Fellowship programme.

Conflict, Art and Remembrance

Led by SHP Director, Michael Riley, the Fellowship will focus on three key themes:
1. The sensitivities around teaching about conflict in the twentieth century with an emphasis on the two world wars. Participants will consider what exactly we want pupils to understand about people’s experiences in the First and Second World Wars and how we can plan for this.
2. How conflict has been remembered at a personal, local and national level. The starting point will be art (specifically Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red) but the range will be much wider than this.
3. The relationship between what is taught in history lessons and pupils wider historical consciousness.
It will draw on the work of historians such as:
Gary Sheffield, Dan Todman,  Alice Kelly, David Olusoga and Catriona Pennell 

The HA Teacher Fellowship Programme provides sustained, knowledge-based professional development for teachers over two terms or more. This amazing chance to work with academic historians, the most experienced teachers educators and inspiring colleagues is FREE to those whose application is successful.

Th 2019 Fellowship will start in January, with a course at the Tower of London. It then moves to an online course and finally into the stage of producing teaching resources. You will be supported each step of the way. It really is Rolls Royce CPD.

Apply by 5th November by going to Application

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