2019 HA Conference – early bird booking ends today!

With the focus of Ofsted firmly on subjects, curriculum, knowledge and middle leaders, the HA once more rides to the rescue with a Conference that is packed full of it all. The highest quality CPD, plus a chance to scrobble exam boards, publishers and to network for great ideas and contacts… SLT should be easy to persuade that this is worth every pound. Early bird discounts end today, but booking continues at: Conference Booking

Ruth Lingard, Head of History at Millthorpe School, is already very excited about the 2019 HA Conference and shares her chosen path with us:

“Well it is that time again. The Cadbury’s mini eggs appear in the shops and the Conference programme is published.  It is in Chester this year, which has such a cracking amphitheatre it is worth going for that alone. But I digress, what a jam packed, glorious offering of all things History and History teaching there is on offer this year.

So, may I take you on a walk-through of what I have booked?

I’m kicking the day off with a workshop run by Rose Crossgrove aimed at bringing the Normans to life. Personally I love the Normans, in fact my students last year gave me a picture of William I in a heart shaped frame because I had inadvertently developed a little history crush (happens to anyone) so I am very excited about the idea of bringing them even more alive.

Then I’m meeting up with my old pal, Helen Snelson to present a session on Mental Health through time. We had a fantastic time researching this by tracing through the archives of the Quaker mental health asylum, The Retreat. Do book it in if you haven’t already.

Then I thought I might go and see Carmel and Anne presenting History hacks. As I still haven’t finished teaching my GCSE course I need all the hacks I can get my hands on. If you haven’t seen the fabulous Carmel Bones in action, I can only liken it to emptying the entire contents of a packet of fizzing popping candy into your mouth and swallowing hard.

Sufficiently revived I will then offer myself to the high priestess of the HA Conference, Christine Counsell’s session. Here I will marvel at her brilliance and feel just a little bit thick, but in a good way. Inspirational!

Then it is off to the key note lecture and dinner. Must remember to take a better bag. Last year I had to use my ruck sack which was not quite the evening look I was going for.

Another full day on Saturday. I’m going to start by revelling in some pure academic History and go to hear Caitlin Ellis talk about Alfred the Great and the Vikings. Then I plan to see dear friend and legend Ian Dawson, who after a year of leisure, is returning to try to convince us that the Middle Ages wasn’t just mud and misery. Hah, nice try Ian!

I’m completely torn about what to book for the last session because I now need to choose between Sally Burnham who is bringing back stories to her exam classes and Michael Riley and Jason Todd and Katie Hall and …ooohh then we have to go home…. Roll on next HA Conference!”

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