Happy New Year!

From all of us at HA Secondary Committee, a very happy new school year to everyone! We hope that the summer has been restful and refreshing, leaving you ready for the highs and challenges of the year ahead.

Our termly meeting happens in mid-September and we will be planning our work for the year. We hope to develop this blog even further to make sure it works for history teachers across the country. Please let us know what you want, contribute posts, get involved and help us to keep building our vibrant and supportive history teaching community.

Three things from us to start the year off:

  1. The HA Secondary Survey is an incredibly important source of information that helps the HA represent us to policy makers, exam boards etc. The data is only as good as the number of respondents. You have until the end of September to complete it. It does take a few minutes, but please do take the time to do so and encourage others to complete it too. It really does make a difference. The link is here: HA Secondary Survey 2019
  2. Would you like to offer to present a workshop at the HA’s annual conference in Bristol in May 2020? The open call for workshops has gone out with a deadline of Sept 30th for responses. The link with all information is here: HA Bristol 2020
  3. The HA has posted a document to support the career development of Early Career Teachers. Actually, all classroom history teachers can find inspiration from the six ‘strands’ in this document and completion of these sorts of activities will help to build a profile for Chartered History Teacher status.

More blogposts soon. Meanwhile, do enjoy reminding yourself of posts past and also take a look at the secondary pages of the HA website for lots of news, support and resources.  @histassoc


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