Please contribute to the ‘Move Me On’ in June’s Teaching History!

The editors of Teaching History are appealing to mentors, teacher educators and trainees: do you have an example of effective learning to share?

 The emergency measures introduced in late March brought an abrupt end to the opportunities for history trainees’ learning in school.  In these circumstances teacher educators of all kinds have all faced the same challenge: how to support history trainees’ continued learning during the Covid-19 crisis. The Move Me On ‘problem page’ for the June issue of Teaching History will therefore focus on this issue – inviting history mentors, tutors and trainers of all kinds to share examples of successful strategies that they have found helpful for addressing specific developmental targets when they cannot actually be in school. We are also keen to include examples from trainee teachers themselves – sharing their own examples of an effective strategy that they have used to keep developing their knowledge, understanding and expertise in relation to a particular aspect of practice.

While we obviously hope that trainees can be back in school next term, it is clear that disruption may continue. So we hope that the feature can present a range of different activities and ways of approaching particular apsects of practice that may be useful alongside direct experience of face—to-face teaching, and instead of it at points when those opportunities may not be available.

To contribute a response, please write a short account (200-300 words) that explains:

  • the particular aspect of teaching that the trainee was seeking to work on and improve;
  • the strategy/ies used to focus on the issue
  • an explanation of how they helped to improve the trainee’s knowledge and understanding and/or their practice.

Potential contributions should be sent by email to Katharine Burn (co-editor of Teaching History)  by Wednesday 27th May. If you have an idea but want to check it with Katharine first do feel free to email her with your suggestion and/or any specific questions.
Thank you!

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