Help! Could you trial some resources for the Cambridge SESC project?

Please find below a message from Dr Annie Thwaite of the SESC project…

Secondary Education and Social Change in the United Kingdom Since 1945 is a research project based at the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge. We have also created a series of high-quality, multi-media Key Stage 3 History School Resource Packs on secondary education and social change in the UK since 1945, with lesson packs on:

· Race & ethnicity

· Gender & sexuality

· Class & social mobility

· Everyday school life

Through the packs, KS3 pupils will learn about how the history of secondary education reflects the vast social and cultural changes that have transformed the UK since the Second World War. Each of the four packs which will contain material for a historical enquiry six lessons in length, along with a range of textual and visual archival material, historiographical debates, short videos of university-based historians discussing core themes and how they approach primary source material, and teachers’ notes. The packs will be free of charge for teachers to download from August 2021, but we are eager for teachers to test out the materials in June and July 2021, to see how they work in the classroom and offer any feedback to us. If you are interested in trialling one of our lesson packs, please get in touch with Annie Thwaite (

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