Please help! Mapping History Questionnaire

We know you are crazy busy, but it you could possibly fill in this very short questionnaire to help Professor Musson at Historic Royal Palaces that would be amazing! He says…

Teachers and pupils are encouraged to fill out a brief anonymous online survey intended to find out how we can make history and heritage sites more accessible for learning by schools. It is being conducted as part of an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project led by Historic Royal Palaces and the University of York (together with the British Library and partners in the heritage sector). We are interested in developing digital and online resources that can link to collections of books, paintings, archives, material objects held in libraries, museums, galleries as well as historic buildings and archaeological sites. We would like to know how technology is used in the classroom and in school work done at home to study historical places and their stories. We are keen to know the balance between use of online and traditional resources and how you and your pupils associate with your locality and the heritage sites near you or that you visit elsewhere in the country. There are a couple of questions relating to the Tudors as they form one of our case studies, but you do not necessarily have to study them to answer the questionnaire. One is directed specifically at teachers, the other at pupils from Key Stage 2 to A level. It should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

STAFF questionnaire

PUPIL questionnaire

Any teachers who would be willing and able to participate in a short follow up interview (by Zoom) discussing these areas in more detail should please contact Professor Anthony Musson (, Head of Research at Historic Royal Palaces.

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