Later Middle Ages: Teaching Fellowship Resources

Hopefully you have managed to find the free copy of Teaching Medieval History that has been sent to your school. The online expanded version is Here. This has been made available thanks to Agincourt600.

In 2015, they also granted the HA funding to start the first of its Teaching Fellowship programmes. A group of teachers spent an intensive weekend updating their subject knowledge with academics. They then had a follow-up online course and worked with programme director, Ian Dawson, to create learning activities for their own classes and become HA Teaching Fellows. Some colleagues followed this through to distinction level by producing resources to be published. These are now available Here.

The resources freely available to members to take and adapt are: FDFB7AF2-14A7-490E-90B1-29C1D7D16EE5

The Teacher Fellowship model has proved to be a popular and effective history-specific CPD model. Since 2015, the HA has run an equivalent course focused on the Cold War. As this is being typed, teachers and course leaders are in Waterloo for the start of the third fellowship on Teaching the Age of Revolutions. @History_Ben will be tweeting in detail! The HA is also regularly on Twitter @histassoc and has a Facebook page.

If you would be interested in taking part in one of these programmes, keep an eye on    Historical Association for news of next year’s programme. Fellowships are enriching and fun. Not only will you transform your teaching of a topic by gaining a greater depth of subject knowledge, you will also be inspired by colleagues and build networks to share resource planning.


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