List of past posts!

We are in the wonderful position where #OBHD is getting so big that it can be hard to find things. Here are some handy links to posts you enjoyed and might want to access again. Or perhaps you missed them first time around and can discover anew what a fabulous subject community we are part of as history teachers.

Lists and indices of sources of substantive and disciplinary knowledge

The headings are: free resources, GCSE and A level revision, more diverse past, planning and process, teacher knowledge, teaching substantive knowledge, teaching the discipline, early career teacher, subject leaders, miscellanous, and Covid.

Free resources:

GCSE and A Level Revision:

More diverse past:

Planning and process:

Teacher Knowledge:



Book reviews:

Teaching substantive knowledge:

Teaching the discipline: 

Change and continuity:

Empathetic understanding


Sense of period and place:

Sources as evidence:

Early career teacher:

Subject leaders


Covid classrooms:

The Historical Association’s ‘onebighistorydepartment’ #OBHD is growing every week, thanks to the generosity and talent of history teachers across the country. Please do engage and contribute. You can get in touch via The HA is on Facebook and @histassoc

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