Teaching diversity through footballing history

Thanks to Jonathan Evan-Zoher, who is leading the Football Makes History project for the EuroClio led team, for sharing details about a project that will surely appeal to many!  

What is Football Makes History?

Football Makes History is a project that will see a unique European team, including a Football Federation, a professional Football Club’s museum, the renowned Anne Frank House, Fare Network, Evenzo Consultancy. It is led by EuroClio – the European association of history educators.

New educational resources

The project is preparing to launch a large set of educational activities to enable history educators to work with football history – from the local to the global – to develop students’ historical thinking skills and raise their awareness about diversity and inclusion then and now. These resources will be available from October onwards, after which teacher training events will be hosted.

Most of the resources will be on Historiana. Here, we will publish lesson plans that use football history to help students discuss and understand concepts such as changing borders or what constitutes someone’s identity; events such as the Spanish Civil War or the Falklands war; and migration, discrimination, and antisemitism in a historical perspective. 

What is happening now?

While you wait for the autumn, the good news is that Football Makes History is online. A central website (www.footballmakeshistory.eu), social media handles (#footballmakeshistory, @MakesFootball, and more) is currently posting regular new articles to help explore football’s rich history and reflect on its societal and educational value. For example, the site includes a set of “Football Lives”, which are very brief life stories accompanied by thinking points. Who not join our football history conversation online!


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