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We are in the wonderful position where #OBHD is getting so big that it can be hard to find things. Here are some handy links to posts you enjoyed and might want to access again. Or perhaps you missed them first time around and can discover anew what a fabulous subject community we are part... Continue Reading →

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Enriching history in a time of Covid

History teachers have pulled off incredible feats since the start of 2021 and are pulling together to get better at helping pupils to get better at history despite the ongoing pandemic disruption. #disthist has been useful for gathering ideas into one place in the twittersphere, the @histassoc remote learning hubs are available and @TMHistoryIcons held... Continue Reading →

The importance of reading

Thanks to Anne Hooper of Secondary Committee for delving back into those Teaching History archives again. Here she learns more about the very topical matter of reading in the history curriculum from the history teaching past.  In a recent ResearchEd talk Clare Sealy talked passionately about the importance of reading in the curriculum. In recent... Continue Reading →

Reflections on the HA Conference 2020

Thanks to Gemma Hargraves (@History_Girls) for writing here about here takeaways from the HA Conference. The conference sessions will be online until 4th January 2021, so there is still time to catch-up on other sessions once the rush of term is ended. Now is actually a great time to learn We’re all tired, busy adapting... Continue Reading →

Back to the start…

Thanks to Anne Hooper, member of HA Secondary Committee for this blogpost. Anne continues our series reflecting on past Teaching History articles that can be dusted off, revisited and built upon in our practice today. As a young teacher back in 2001, reading Rob Phillips’ article in TH105 had an influence on my classroom practice... Continue Reading →

A bit of half-term holiday history fun!

Thanks to Henry Walton, Head of Humanities at Manor CE in York (@HenryWalton5) for collating these history cryptic crossword clues. Cryptic crosswords are a bit like marmite - some history teachers just don't get the excitement, other history teachers love 'em. Why not have a go? The answers are at the bottom - no peaking!... Continue Reading →

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