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We are in the wonderful position where #OBHD is getting so big that it can be hard to find things. Here are some handy links to posts you enjoyed and might want to access again. Or perhaps you missed them first time around and can discover anew what a fabulous subject community we are part... Continue Reading →

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Bridging from Y6 to Y7 – transitional history

Thanks to Andrew Sweet, Head of Humanities at Millfield School, for this blogpost in which he shares practical ideas for Year 6 to Year 7 transition and reminds us that we can set high expectations.   Planning for September! Where do we begin? The variables are considerable and quite daunting right now. The possibilities of teaching... Continue Reading →

Pearls of Wisdom from Teaching History 120

Continuing our series of looking back to a past edition of Teaching History, Secondary Committee member Emma Bevan has returned to edition 120 from September 2005. Here she gives some thoughts about what she has found there that resonates today.  A rallying cry to be braver in the history classroom When asked “why teach history?”,... Continue Reading →

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