Why should we teach medieval women?

Thanks to PGCE students Dhwani Patel & Georgia Cairns for this blogpost. They model drawing upon the history community’s ‘hive mind’ to develop their own thinking about why we should teach about medieval women and to develop some first thoughts about a teaching sequence. In this instance they did this within the context of their... Continue Reading →

Finding women in the American West

This is the first of a couple of blogposts about the inclusion of women in school history lessons. Many colleagues are arguing that the what and the how of women in the past being taught in our classrooms is leading to woefully unrepresentative history. A key problem is lack of knowledge and resources.  In this... Continue Reading →

Meet me in the (virtual) museum 

In these strange times, we want #OBHD to be a supportive place for all history teachers valiantly rising to the many challenges of teaching remotely online. We will keep posting regularly and do let us know what is most useful to you. It's going to be awhile until we can indulge our history nerdiness in... Continue Reading →

History gets you where you want to go!

There is a lot of work going on in departments to make sure that students understand how studying History can help them with their future careers. Employability is once more a buzz word! Corporate HA members can use all the materials on the HA website in the Careers with History section Here you will find articles... Continue Reading →

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