‘We hear your voices too!’ – shared resources

Last week the History Department at Abbey School (@theabbey_hist) posted some images on Twitter. They have generously agreed to share these. With the theme ‘We hear your voices too!’ they have adapted famous images to bring forward the people in the pictures whose voices are less often heard from the past. Have a look, the effect is fantastic. Used as a display, they make a very powerful statement about the intention to have a diverse history curriculum where a wider variety of voices from the past have a place. What a fab message to give to all students as they enter the history classroom!

How diverse is your history curriculum? For more help with this from the Historical Association please find go here.

If you create any more images like this, then please send them to us and we will make them available to share (copyright permitting!) on this platform.

Thanks, again, Abbey School for such generous resources sharing to help with such an important curriculum development need.







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