Free 20thC Britain timeline

Sometimes on #OBHD we get the chance to share quality resources that colleagues have made. Thanks to Mary Brown (@MissBHist) for this one: C20th overview card sort      C20th overview glossary

It’s designed to address the themes of: conflict, empire, ideas and beliefs, migration, everyday life and power across the century. It’s been planned for one lesson and every image/event covers more that one of the themes. There is a helpful glossary provided too. In terms of how it works, it is designed to print double sided, so the top left image matches the top right text on the next page and so on.

Planning to teach for big picture understanding is something that many people have theorised about in Teaching History. You might also like to read about using a macro-micro approach, or about big picture history. This could also be an excellent teaching tool for developing sense of period.  Work with specific sources could follow and the New, Novice, Nervous about sources as evidence may be useful to go back to.

The Historical Association is always keen to support the development of teaching and learning resources that are situated in best practice and you can find more examples of resources here. @histassoc

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