Historians for your classroom – free resource!

The Historical Association at Stratford last weekend was a happy and enriching experience. So many people passionate about history teaching learning from each other. We had chance to update our subject knowledge, share great teaching strategies, think about progression, talk to examiners, find out about new resources, feel less alone…

One session I was inspired by was Sally Burnham’s session (@salburnham) about teaching interpretations at GCSE. She shared her thinking, work and resources from two years of teaching the new course. Wonderful generosity in sharing expertise, but also the sharing of resources put together to teach (and we all know that takes time!) is a great part of HA life.

One aspect of interpretations work is to enable our students to feel comfortable with historians. That is, with the way they think, the influences upon them and the way they try to influence the debate. Last summer, Sally Thorne @MrsThorne led a group of teachers to put together some display materials about historians. She’s kindly said we can share them here: Historians. Do use and enjoy and add to the folder so that we all have more super useful display material for the start of the new school year.

To draw on the depth of thinking about historical interpretations that has been going on for over 20 years, you could start here: @histassoc interpretations

Next year’s HA conference will be in Chester. Meanwhile, there are free CPD days around the country and so many resources for students and teachers. You can find out more here: www.history.org.uk/ha-news

(User tip: scroll to the bottom of the HA website homepage for the section headings!)

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