Women’s Suffrage Resources launched

Really exciting launch today of a project between the Historical Association and the Association for Citizenship Teaching with support from the Government Equalities Office and Cabinet Office. Check out this new website for a database of over 3000 people who campaigned for the vote. There are also fully resourced history enquiries and citizenship activities.  Plus, there are podcasts, films, case studies and articles to support teacher and student subject knowledge in the Resources section. Podcasts are great for commuting time and there are 8 new ones here to add to your list already!

As departments re-plan curricula this will help us to:

  • Teach the suffrage campaign in a better way and move us away from focusing on just a handful of individuals.
  • Fulfill our responsibility to make sure that women (who are 50%+ of the population!) are everywhere in our teaching of the past.
  • Save precious time as lots of work has been done for us.

Here’s what the HA has to say about it.

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