What to read about reading

Thanks to Alex Fairlamb (@lamb_heart_tea) of HA Secondary Committee for putting together this reading list for anyone teaching history in schools. It will help us learn, talk and think deeply about why and how we are teacher of reading.

Reading is a central part of student learning.  We are ALL teachers of literacy and therefore how we explicitly teach reading and use this to develop our student’s knowledge of the past, is something that many departments are focusing upon.  To support with this, this blog outlines a range of articles, blogs and books that aims to provide answers to ‘what do we need to read about reading?’

General pedagogy

  • Closing the Reading Gap, Alex Quigley
  • Closing the Vocabulary Gap, Alex Quigley
  • Reading reconsidered, Doug Lemov Colleen Driggs and Erica Woolway
  • Disciplinary Literacy and Explicit Vocabulary Teaching, Kathrine Mortimore 
  • The ResearchEd Guide to Literacy, James Murphy
  • The Art and Science of Teaching Primary Reading, Christopher Such
  • Thinking Reading.  What every secondary teacher needs to know about reading, James and Diane Murphy

Specific Secondary History reading

Specific Primary History reading

Fiction texts 

Creating a culture of reading

Supporting ITT and ECTs with teaching reading

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