Think like a historian!

This week we’re sharing a lovely resource, with thanks to Hugh Richards and the Huntington School York History Department. They are sharing with us the resources they give their students to explain thinking historically. This is the product of engrossing and lengthy discussions over several months, within and beyond their department. They enable clear classsroom conversations about what it means to think like a historian.

You’ll find here a wall-display, two versions of student book notes and an explanatory sheet:   Historical thinking, 2017 display Historical thinking, Exercise book edition b&wHistorical thinking, Exercise book editionThink Like a Historian – 2017 

We love the debate about disciplinary concepts, and how best to teach them, that enriches the lives of history teachers. There is a whole section of help for history teachers available in the Disciplinary Concepts section of the Historical Association website. If you are quite new to teaching history it can be really helpful to read about the years of thinking and practice that goes before. It helps you to understand the context to today’s practice and to contribute to the continuing quest for the best possible history teaching. Being part of a community of practitioners who love thinking hard about their subject is, surely, the best way to become a better history teacher. You are not alone!

Do consider joining the HA at and meanwhile, follow the HA on Twitter @histassoc for more updates, to send comments and to share ideas.

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