Historians: short film clips

There is currently lots of really good practice around the use of historians’ work in classrooms. Last weekend at SHP a few of us were talking about how useful it would be to have a list of short clips of historians in one place. This list has been started and is shared here as a Google-Doc that can be accessed, added to and improved.

Google Doc list of short film clips of historians

There are clips of historians talking and giving opinions on topics across time. There is also a section called ‘Doing History’.

There is a TH Triumphs Show from Jess Angell and Tim Jenner about their classroom lending library. If you missed Tim’s plenary at SHP on Using Scholarship in the History Classroom, then keep an eye out here for postings about the conference coming soon. There is also a New, Novice and Nervous guide to using historical scholarship in the classroom.

Follow the HA in Facebook and @histassoc and please do think about contributing a post to this blog #OBHD.

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