History gets you where you want to go!

There is a lot of work going on in departments to make sure that students understand how studying History can help them with their future careers. Employability is once more a buzz word!

Corporate HA members can use all the materials on the HA website in the Careers with History section

Here you will find articles about careers in all sorts of fields and how the study of History is helpful. There are lots of ideas here to put into classroom talk and also to give to students. Newly added are films that can be used with students and parents. People working in careers as diverse as law and brand marketing, and as racing managment and book binding, talk about how studying History was the key to rewarding employment. There’s also all the ‘Choosing History’ information and a Q&A sheet.

We are hugely grateful to the marvellous history team at Fulford School in York for sharing with us all the posters they have made for A3 classroom display. These are lovely and are in ‘Publisher’ so we can’t upload them directly, but have provided a link here: OneDrive link that we hope allows you to download them. (One is featured as the header image to this post so you can get a flavour!)

Please do share with us good ideas for raising awareness of employability and the study of History with students. We would love to feature some more great ideas/resources here. Meanwhile, follow the latest www.history.org.uk news via the webpage, @histassoc and on Facebook.

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